BuckMin Advanced Deer Mineral
Minerals They Crave

Nutrition They Need

Advanced Nutrition To

Grow Big Bucks

Complete Vitamin & Trace Mineral

Improved Bone Density

Maximizes bone density and mineralization for bigger, stronger, and thicker racks

Promotes Overall Health

Nutritionally promotes herd health, growth and reproduction by giving them what they need most.


“Amazing Product!  The deer hit it hard and fast.  No matter where you seem to put it, they find it and they LOVE it!!”

Scientifically Designed To

Attract Deer

If You Pour It, They Will Come!

Our proprietary attractant blend is specifically designed to target a deer’s senses, creating a curiosity that helps attract more deer.

Only The

Highest Quality

Not All Minerals Are Equal

BuckMin is scientifically designed with only the highest quality ingredients.  What does that mean?  A more stable, palatable, and bioavailable product, even in a wet environment…like rain! 

More Available Minerals = More Healthy Looking Bucks.


“Very Impressed!  It attracts the deer and they seem to enjoy every bit of it.”

Ready To Go


Just Pour It Out & Watch Them Come In

BuckMin is designed as a ready to go supplement that can be poured out virtually anywhere deer inhabit.  No preparations and no fuss.  Whether you choose to pour it out over a log or stump, or you till it into the soil, the deer will find it.

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